Powermesh - Light Dimmer Smart Switch


The light dimmer
that’s simply

Set the mood with smooth dimming of
your lighting in so many smarter ways.

Switch it. Swipe it. Say it. Control your lights in more ways

Dim it from the switch

Simple control everyone can use, with
different dimming features by multiple
presses of a button on the wall.

Dim it on your phone

With the Zimi app on your phone you’re in control
anytime and anywhere. Plus all the magic of smart
control at your fingertips.

Dim it with your voice

Hands free with a smart speaker, or with
your favourite voice assistant. You can relax
and set the mood without getting up.

Smarter control Watch how we made it smarter

Multi touch One button
to do it all

A single, double or triple press provides
multiple ways to dim your lighting.

Sunset schedulesMake lighting magical
every evening

When the sun goes down, turn your lights on
automatically with a schedule. Never come home
to a dark house and increase security when away.

  • Sunset

Set the mood Different brightness
for different times

Create the perfect mood in any room.
Smooth dimming for all your lights and a
brightness level thats just right.

TIMED FADE TO OFFMake bedtime a breeze
for your little ones.

The Timed Fade to Off slowly dims the lights while
the little ones fall asleep. Simply set appropriate
the time with the Zimi app and activate with a triple press.

  • Lights
  • Fade time
  • Off

ZIMI APPAll lights off with
a single touch

Turn all the lights off at bedtime or when
leaving home. It’s so much quicker turning
them all off with one touch.

All Lights Off

Turn all the lights off at the
same time with a short fade.

VOICE controlDon’t reach for the
switch, use your voice.

Use your voice to dim your lights and turn them
on or off. Use a smart speaker, TV or phone
with your favourite voice assistant.

Swap them overMake your existing
dimmable lights smarter

The beauty of our light dimmer is that it works with
your existing dimmable lights. Simply replace your
old rotary dimmer for smarter control in many ways.

LIGHT DIMMERThe light dimmer that’s
simply smarter