Dimmable Light Switch

Dimmable Light Switch

The dimmable light switch that does so much more

The simplicity of a dimmable light switch is paired with impressively simple automation that hands you the control to adjust light levels, manage energy use and set timers to suit your needs.









Switch it up, or dim it down.

Use the switch at the wall like any other light switch or expand your options by using a smart device or voice commands to activate features remotely.

Now its lighting in your hands

Control and customise your home’s lights and energy use with your phone or smart device. Set timers, lock power and check energy costs with a simple and user-friendly app.

  • Set lighting schedules and timers with ease

  • Convenience on your smart phone or tablet

  • Check your power use and see real time costs

Zimi Life

Do all this from anywhere in the world with Zimi Cloud Connect

Zimi cloud connect lets you take your home with you. Connect to the internet from anywhere in the world to monitor and control your home’s lights and energy use.

Hands free & hassle free

Voice commands let you set lighting in your home from where-ever you are. Lights turn on, off or dim in any room with a simple ‘Hey Google’.

“Hey Google” dim the lights in the movie room to 10%

“Hey Google” turn on the outdoor lights

“Hey Google” turn on the main bedroom lights

and play some soft music

“Hey Google” turn off the dinning table lights

Google Home Cloud Connect

Voice assistant requires Zimi Cloud Connect


Dimmable Light Switch

Simply replace your light dimmers and control your lighting with the convenience of Zimi. Home automation is now an affordable luxury for everyone, it’s so easy for you to take control today.

• True retrofit – suitable for 2 wire (no neutral) & 3 wire installations.
• Master / Slave setting so multiple devices can control the same lights.
• Suitable for dimmable LED, incandescent & halogen lights (250W max).
• Available in black or white with 3 different skins to suit your décor.

Please note this product is not DIY and must be installed by a licensed electrician

Please note this product is not DIY and must be installed by a licensed electrician! Remote access of your Powermesh enabled products and voice integration requires Zimi Cloud Connect and Internet connection.


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