ZIMI LIFEEveryone can benefit
from a smarter lifestyle

Increase safety and security.
Enjoy convenience and lifestyle.
Monitor and mange your energy.

MY HOMEWatch how we
make it smarter

See how you can experience life
with the seamless transformation
of everyday living in your home.


Make any space smarter

Where ever you live, work or play - smarter control makes a world of difference.
We make technology simple to make any space smarter.

ZIMI products

Which switch is
smarter for you?

Premium Smarter Switches
with a touch of glass.

The power to create experiences like
never before with exquisite glass touch
switches to compliment your smarter life.

The Smarter Switch range
with classic appeal.

Make your living spaces smarter with switch,
app and voice control. Works with your
existing lighting, fans, appliances and more.

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