Powermesh - Power Point Smart Switch


The Power Point
with super powers

Switch, monitor and manage your
appliances like never before. Just plug
it in to make them all smarter.

Switch it. Swipe it. Say it. A trio of control for whenever you need

Two smart sockets in one

The smarter power point has two individually
controlled sockets making it superior than
bulky smart sockets and fits behind furniture.

Power at your fingertips

Monitor your power usage and control your
appliances with your smart phone. No longer
do you need to reach for the switch.

Simple control with your voice

It’s the easier way to switch things off or
on by simply speaking. Everyone of all ages
can now enjoy hands free convenience.

Smarter control Watch how we made it smarter

Smart appliances Plug it in and
make it smarter

We’ve made the Power Point smarter so you
can save power and extend appliance life by
turning things off when they’re not being used.

AUTO OFF TIMERNever forget to turn
them off again.

Auto Off Timers will ensure things are
automatically switched off which will save
electricity and money. It’s the safer way to use
electric blankets, heaters or any appliance that
could be a fire risk if accidentally left on.

Energy useSee the energy
cost in real time

See how much power your appliances
are using in watts or cost per hour. The
total usage is also shown to help you
understand potential energy savings.

Behaviour linkLink a switch
without wires

Behaviour Link lets you control it with a switch.
It’s the easy way to have remote control of all
your power points in so many different places.

Zimi appThe switch that’s
always with reach

It’s easy to check what is switched on from
your phone without being near your floor
lamps, heaters, electric blankets, water
fountains and pool pumps to name a few.

Automatic schedulesOutdoor lighting
on autopilot

Plug your garden, pool and outdoor lighting into a
Powermesh Power Point so you can have them on a
daily schedule. Never come home to a dark house
again and add security when you are away.

VOICE controlHands free is
hassle free

Voice control is perfect for times when your
hands are full or if you just want to switch
something without leaving the couch.

POWER LOCKSafety and security
for piece of mind

Lock your switches from accidentally being
turned on in public places, or increasing safety
in the home for pets and little ones.

POWER POINTThe Power Point
with super powers