Turn up the volume Introducing Senoa
our smartest switch ever.

PREMIUM switchesLuxuriously smarter

Senoa has a premium touch sensitive glass fascia
ideal for architectural homes, with a simple profile
that looks exquisite on any wall for any project.

Unique to youPersonalised experience

Colour tuneable surfaces with optional
laser engraved icons provide a tailored
experience to make it your own.

Switch + Voice + AppSo easy to use

From the young to the elderly, we’ve made
control a seamless experience at the switch,
on your phone or with your voice.

ROUTINESHey Google, good night

Voice control your Senoa switches for hands free
convenience. Routines let you control all your
lighting, blinds and switches with a single phrase.

Zimi appTimers, schedules &
energy monitoring

Auto Off Timers, Automatic Schedules, and Energy
Monitoring bring a new level of smart control for
your existing lights, fans, blinds and appliances.

SENOAOur smartest switch
with a touch of glass.