Powermesh - Garage Door Controller Smart Switch


Control your
garage door, like
never before

Welcome home to the convenience of a
connected garage door. Simply install
with your existing motor, making it
easier to operate with app or voice.

Complete convenience We’ve made it simple to use,
monitor and share access.

Any Garage Door

Controls 1 or 2 garage
doors in any home.

Voice Control

Hands-free control
by simply speaking.

Anywhere Access

Extend your reach to
anywhere in the world.

Existing Motors

Works with your
existing system.

Flight Path Technology

Open your door
to different heights.

Temp & Humidity

Monitor the climate
inside your garage.

MORE WAYS TO CONTROL Control for the whole family

Use your existing remote

Keep using your remote and add new
control with your phone or voice. Don’t
be locked out if you have a flat battery.

Open it with your phone

It is the remote control that you always
have handy making it easy to open the
door and share with friends or family.

Hands free voice control

The safer way to operate your door
when arriving or leaving home and quick
to check if the door has been left open.

Smarter GARAGE DOOR Watch how we made it smarter

Zimi appControl your
door anytime

We’ve made it easy with the Zimi app
to control the garage door and share
access with friends and family.

VOICE controlHands free control
by simply speaking

The safer way to open your door when
coming home and the easiest way to
close it when your hands are full.

Flight Path technologyNever miss
that delivery

Our intelligent door sensor tracks the door
position so you open a specific height.
Perfect for pet access and package delivery.

What is your security code to open the garage door

Hey googleMore secure
with PIN code

Secure your door with a personal pin code
when using the Google Assistant to open
your door for added security.

24/7 accessNo keys
No remote
No worries

Going for a bike ride, morning jog or
taking the dog for a walk? No need
to take your keys with phone access.

DOUBLE doorsOpen them

Control two door motors
individually by adding another
door sensor available separately.

Behaviour linkLink a garage
light switch

Link a light switch to turn on when the
door is operated and then automatically
turn off after a few minutes.

Control your garage door
like never before