Garage controller

Garage controller

Control your garage door like never before.

Enjoy the convenience of connecting your garage door.
Watch the video now to see how it makes life easier.


Steel-Line Powermesh Garage Door Controller

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Flight Path Technology.

The intelligent door sensor that’s aware of your door’s every position.
Open your door to new heights with increased safety and security.

60% Put the push bikes away after school.
40% Receive deliveries or leave things for friends.
20% Make your garage the pet friendly door.
10% Easy ventilation for when it gets hot.

Voice Control.

Control your garage door with the Google Assistant.
It’s hands free convenience from anywhere.

Hands-free control
by simply speaking.

It’s so easy using
your smart phone,
speaker or tablet.

Did you forget to close it?
Just ask Google.

Google Routines.
Make it part of your
daily routine.

*Requires Zimi Cloud Connect and Internet connection.

Take control with Zimi.

Makes any garage door simply smarter to use, monitor and share from anywhere in the world.

Control multiple doors with
everything at your fingertips.

  • Multiple Users
  • Notifications
  • Temp & Humidity
  • Anywhere Access

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Powermesh Garage Door Controller

Communication: Bluetooth® (Optional Zimi Cloud Connect connects with Wi-Fi for remote access and voice commands with the Google Assistant)
Power: 24VDC <500mA
Outputs: 2 x dry connect relays for motor ‘push button’ connection.
Inputs: 2 x Photo Eye Beams (PEB) Refer to the compatibility list. Control up to 2 doors (Door Sensor required for each door)

Door Sensor

Communication: Bluetooth®
IP rating: IP66
Battery: CR2450 included.


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