Multi Purpose Switches

Multi Purpose Switches

The multi purpose switch that’s mighty useful.

Control more than just lighting with a multi-talented switch that works straight out of the box. It’s never been easier.






Switch anything in your home.

You now control what you’d like, when you like, wherever you like. It’s the convenience of a switch, the Zimi app and now your voice.




Never forget to turn it off.

A switch with inbuilt timers & schedules adds
a touch of simplicity in your everyday life.

Exhaust Fans.

No need to turn them off.
Set a timer, to do it for you.

Heat Lamps.

Don’t risk wasting energy.
Set a timer, just in case.

Garage Lights.

Switch them off after you’ve left. Set a timer, to make it easy.

Toilet Lights & Fan.

Turn themselves off a little later. Timers make simple things unforgettable.

Heated towels at 6am.

Schedule your switches
with Zimi.

Where could you use another switch?

Switching things in new places is easier than before. The affordable way of adding another, where you want.

Switch them with your voice

The Google Assistant gives you freedom to do more than one thing at a time.

Google Assistant

Requires Zimi Cloud Connect

Use Google Routines to control them all.

Trigger multiple actions with a single phrase.
Make your home your own, with hands free help.


Multi Purpose Switches

Simply replace your switches and control your lighting and more, with the convenience of Zimi. Home automation is now an affordable luxury for everyone, it’s so easy for you to take control today.

• True retrofit – suitable for 2 wire (no neutral) & 3 wire installations.
• Behaviour link multiple devices.
• Available in black or white
• Suitable for wide range of devices up to 10A load

Please note this product is not DIY and must be installed by a licensed electrician

Please note this product is not DIY and must be installed by a licensed electrician! Remote access of your Powermesh enabled products and voice integration requires Zimi Cloud Connect and Internet connection.

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