The best smart switches make home automation easy.

Every one is unique and every family has different needs. Our lifestyle features offer real benefits for any age or ability. We’ve made control so much smarter.

AUTO OFF TIMERS Never forget to turn
the switch off

We made the switch smarter so it turns itself off after you leave the room, or in case someone forgot again!

magically every time

Set it once, so it happens automatically every day. Set the brightness, the fan speed or choose an action and a time to add comfort, convenience and security to everything in the home.

Energy use Watts it really costing
you in real time

Understanding energy use is the first step in reducing your electricity bills. Monitor your energy use live in dollars and cents with the Zimi app.

VOICE CONTROL Move your lips,
not your hips

Use Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa enabled smart speakers and the free app on your smart phone to control your home hands free.

  • Hey Google
  • It’s movie time

ROUTINES Do it all with
a single phrase

Voice routines make multiple things happen with just one command. Coming home, going to bed, getting ready to watch a movie, control all your devices plus anything else that works with Google or Alexa.

Zimi App Smarter control
anywhere anytime

Control your lights, fans, garage door, blinds, appliances and anything switched all with the convenience of the Zimi app. Share access with the whole family so everyone has smart control.

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ZIMI LIFESmarter switches make life easier, cheaper and safer.