Cloud Connect

Full control with Zimi Cloud Connect

Zimi Cloud Connect lets you manage your home’s energy use from anywhere in the world, enables voice commands and monitors your power use to recommend potential savings.











Anywhere Anytime

Zimi Cloud Connect lets you take your home with you. Connect to the internet from anywhere in the world to monitor and control your home’s lighting, appliances and energy use.

Is it still on?

Switch it off when your out and about.

About to go on holiday?

Control it like you’re still at home.

Late night?

We’ll make sure the lights are on when you get home.

Hands free is so simple

Zimi Cloud Connect lets you use voice commands, giving you hands-free control for all those simple tasks around the home.

Put less energy into living smarter

See your energy history over time. With cloud connect and Zimi you can map your home’s power use, identify hot spots and recommend schedules to deliver cost and energy savings.

Unlock your intelligent home

With no special installation required, it only takes a few minutes to put automation at the centre of your home. Optimise energy use, lower your bills and enjoy the convenience that comes with letting your home take over the simple tasks.


Zimi Cloud Connect

Fitting in the palm of your hand, this little device supercharges your Powermesh network with added intelligence. Unleash all of the features in Zimi and enjoy the convenience of home automation based on your lifestyle.

• Integration with Google Home and Google Mini voice assistant.
• Control your Powermesh devices anywhere in the world.
• Monitor the power usage of all your appliances with Energy History.

Please note this product requires an Internet connection via your Wi-Fi modem or router.


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