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The power of the mesh

Mesh networks allow mulitple connection points in your home. The more linked devices you have, the stronger and more reliable your home network is.


Every device connects to make your network stronger.

Better response times between devices.

No central host or hub eliminates dropout problems.

Traditional wireless

Needs a central hub / host.

Distance from hub / host decreases network strength.

Hub / host setup required.

Join the dots

Powermesh enabled devices send and receive messages from each other, eliminating the need for a central hub. Each device plays a role, sharing the network’s workload and adding to its strength and reliability.

Your home connected

Say goodbye to your router’s weak signal or the frustration of adding a new device to your network. With no special wiring needed, Powermesh-enabled devices instantly connect to create a stable and secure home network you can rely on.

Powermesh requires no special wiring, it just works where ever you call home.

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