The smarter way
to control blinds.

Make motorised blinds smarter
with the controller that does it all.
Enjoy the luxury of daily schedules
that suit your lifestyle.

Switch it. Swipe it. Say it. Control them however you like

Use the switch

The controllers automatically link
together so you can open or close all
your blinds with a double press.

Use your phone

Control all your blinds, lighting, switches
and appliances at your fingertips with
the Zimi app on your smart phone.

Use your voice

All your blinds at your command with
your favourite voice assistant. It’s the
better way to start or finish your day.

Smarter control Let the sunshine in

morning scheduleThe silent
alarm clock

Start your day the gentle way by
setting a morning schedule to
open the blinds in your bedroom.

evening scheduleSecurity and privacy
when it’s dark.

Set an evening schedule for your blinds
to close every night providing security
and privacy for your family.


Energy efficiencyBetter heating
and cooling

Scheduling of your blinds can be
seasonally optimised to reduce
heating and cooling energy costs.

All at onceDouble press to
control them all

The controllers automatically link together
to open and close all your blinds with a
simple double press of any button.

  • Hey Google,
    good morning

VOICE controlMake it part
of a routine

Include the opening of your blinds in a
‘good morning’ routine or close them for
‘movie time’. Do more with a few words
using routines with a smart home assistant.

Behaviour linkLink your blinds
with a switch

Control your blinds from more places
by linking them with other switches.
No additional wiring is required.

BLIND CONTROLLER The smarter way to open
and close your blinds