The multi purpose
switch that’s
mighty useful

It’s so much more than just a switch.
Make your existing lighting, heat lamps
and exhaust fans smarter in many ways.

Switch it. Swipe it. Say it. A trio of control for whenever you need

Switch it at the wall

Simple control everyone can use, with
the touch a button. Auto off timers will
make life easy, save power and can be
skipped with a double press.

Switch it on your phone

With the Zimi app on your phone you’re in
control anytime and anywhere. It’s simple
to control, monitor and manage with a tap
of the app.

Set the mood with your voice.

Hands free control lets you do it all from the
comfort of your couch. Simply ask your
favourite voice assistant with your smart
speaker, TV or phone.

Smarter control Watch how we made it smarter

Automatic SCHEDULESLighting magic
at sunset

When the sun goes down your lights turn on, just
like magic. Schedules ensure you never come
home to a dark house. Simply set and forget.

AUTO OFF TIMERSNever forget to
switch it off

It’s the switch that turns itself off. Perfect for
rooms where you don’t spend a lot of time.
Just set the preferred time and you can always
skip with a double press.

Behaviour Link Link them together
without wires

‘Behaviour Link’ allows switches to link for
adding control anywhere, without extra wiring.
Add a switch upstairs for downstairs, floor and
desk lamps, pool and garden lights.

Zimi appTotal control from
wherever you are

Add a Zimi Cloud Connect to your network to
monitor, manage and control all your switches
giving you peace of mind from anywhere.

Night lightA night light to
guide your way

The gentle glow helps locate switches in the dark.
The soft light also assists navigation at night and
can be turned off for darkness in bedrooms.

VOICE controlDon’t reach for the
switch, just speak.

It’s they easiest way to switch lots of things at
once by simply speaking, plus with routines you
can have favourite scenarios at your command.

Zimi APPFuture proof
your switch

Switch to the smarter way of living that lets
you take control in more ways, manage energy
use and increase safety. New features can also
be enjoyed with future software updates.

MULTI PURPOSE SWITCHESThe multi purpose switch
that’s mighty useful